UCSD Fan-Fan is located in SIXTH College of UC San Diego and mainly offers various cuisines, drinks, milk teas, snacks, and more from both Eastern and Western cultures. Guided by values of unity, health, happiness, quality, innovation, and dreams, Fan-Fan is on a mission to promote Eastern culinary culture and provide excellent service to all faculty and students on campus, striving to become a well-known food brand in the UC system. Fan-Fan is a brother alliance enterprise with famous San Diego Chinese restaurant “Taste of Hunan” and trendy creative restaurant “Crazy Duck”. To better satisfy customers’ taste buds, Fan-Fan introduces a different daily mystery dish as a way of thanking everyone for their support and attention.



Business Hours

Mon — Thu: 10:30 am — 11:30 pm

Fri: 10:30 am — 8:30 pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: 11:00 am — 8:00 pm


9625 Scholars Dr N #0125

La Jolla, CA 92093